Commercial Wall Wraps

April 12, 2022 BSDAMaine

Create a unique business environment with custom wall wraps.

Companies are embracing the concept of environmental branding as businesses realize spaces need to be warm and aesthetically pleasing to make visitors and employees feel more comfortable. Environmental branding in your interior spaces gives you a unique opportunity to connect with employees and customers.

What is Environmental Branding?

Environmental branding is the actual effort to make your space align with your brand messaging. It’s the conversion of your blank wall and glass spaces to graphics that promote what is important to you as a company. In other words, it’s a simple and effective way to bring your brand to the forefront for customers and staff because it’s literally right in front of them.

Why is Environmental Branding so Powerful?

Having a strong brand shouldn’t stop at your building’s exterior or only the marketing you put out into the world. A strong brand message can, and should, extend into your interior space. Whether you are a corporate office, a retail business or a restaurant enterprise, your clients, customers, and employees need to experience your brand consistently and clearly. When you deliver your brand messages through the physical experience of being in your space, you create a deeper connection between you and your customers. You will make people feel a part of things.

Environmental branding is proven to invoke emotion to passerby, and that is how you make an authentic connection with people.

Make Great Use of Blank Space

The look of dull, emotionless business environments is out – colorful, creative use of vertical spaces is in! Wall and window spaces are a lost opportunity to communicate with your audience if you leave them blank. Plus, it’s boring. Why not continue your brand exposure to customers and stimulate your staff by surrounding them with interesting designs?!

Wall Wraps might include:

  • Logo & Branding
  • Local Scenery or Landmarks
  • Nautical Charts
  • Company Creed or Motto
  • Images of Products & Services
  • Company History as a Story Board
  • Demonstrate Your Products & Services Visually

Instead of always just saying what you do, it’s far better to show it. Turn plain spaces into images of your products in use and your services in action. Communicate why you are in business to those working and visiting.

Let Your Walls Tell Your Story

Creating story walls of your company history and progress along your hallways helps share your company values and the journey to where you are today. People love a story because it’s relatable. Visual stories help us understand and learn. Stories enrich us and provide guidance which is what environmental branding can do.


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