Get noticed, where ever you are with a custom vehicle wrap

Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Take your business to the streets with a custom branded vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps are full-color, high quality, printed cast vinyl that includes an additional protective overlaminate for superior fade resistance and unmatched durability.

Look More Professional

Custom wraps brand your business vehicle and make you look more trustworthy and professional. They look great and get you more business.

Protects Your Paint

Vinyl wraps can help protect your car’s factory paint job from scratches, abrasions, and sun exposure for greater resale value.

Advertise 24/7

When you wrap your company vehicle you are essentially creating a moving billboard, marketing your business all the time, wherever you are!

Wrapping Your Company Vehicle is One of the Best Investments!

Wrapping your business vehicles puts your advertising dollars to work for you beginning the day you do it, and continues to promote your business day after day. This one-time investment will last for years as a moving billboard for your business. There aren’t many other types of marketing you can do that offers that kind of exposure for such a low cost.

Vehicle Wrapping Benefits:

  • Promote Your Brand & Contact Information 24/7
  • Customize Your Message to Your Audience
  • Lower Cost than Other Types of Advertising
  • Protects Your Paint & Resale Value
  • Durable & Long-Lasting
  • Applicable for every type of business that wants to promote their product or service!

Marketing & Referrals on the Go

When people see a wrapped vehicle, they know it is a legitimate business and here to stay. It also says you believe in your business and this makes people feel more comfortable calling you for services. When your vehicle is parked at job sites or meetings – you’re business information is right there to capture attention of potential customers. Seeing your business working for other businesses and neighbors inspires people to call you too – so you get referrals to your business just by parking somewhere.

Vehicle wraps combine two key elements every business values – advertising and brand promotion – and they do it 24/7!

Protect Your Asset

Full wraps ensure every inch of your vehicle’s factory paint job is protected. Given Maine’s long winters and the impact of snow, ice and salt, this is great protection for your vehicle. Wraps also protect from dings and abrasions, and damage from the sun. BSD uses top quality 3M vinyl to ensure the original finish remains intact for as long as you are likely to keep the vehicle on the road. Maintaining a high resale value for your vehicle will go a long way (if not all the way) to paying for the cost of the initial wrap.

Long-Lasting Advertising

A quality wrap will last for years, and may be removed safely five to seven years after installation without impacting the initial paint job. Requiring only routine hand washing with soap and water, wraps stay readable and looking good with minimal maintenance.


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