Color Change or Custom Print Boat Wraps

Boat Wraps Done Right

Boat owners and marine professionals choose vinyl boat wraps for attractive, eye-catching hull protection.

Customize Your Boat

Make your boat truly your own with a custom boat wrap. Choose from a wide spectrum of colors or printed wood grain that looks authentic without the maintenance.

Boosts Resale Value

Vinyl wraps cover the original hull finish to keep your boat in excellent condition and free from scratches and UV light damage so it stays like new.

Costs Less

Vinyl wraps are far more economical than professional detailing and marine paint jobs, offering great looks and value for less money.

Transform Your Boat to Truly Reflect Your Style & Interests!

Vinyl boat wraps are leaving custom marine paint in the dust as boat owners and marine professionals realize the many benefits of wrapping their hull. The opportunities to customize the look of their boat and protect the original finish are the main reasons to choose vinyl wraps. We can achieve many color and design options that will last for three to five years.

Vinyl boat wraps protect against environmental and sun damage, and require no more maintenance than sponge washing. No need to wax, varnish or refinish every year – you can get out on the water and enjoy your investment instead!

Advantages to Wrapping Your Boat:

  • Customization & Creativity
  • Durability
  • Fast Installation
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Environment friendly
  • Exceptional Value at a Lower Cost

Customize & Get Creative with Your Wrap

Boat wraps can be as simple as adding a new color for your hull or advertise your charter or adventure business. We work with clients to design the exact wrap you envision, and you can preview your design before application, so you know you are getting just what you want.

People love the look of wooden transoms, but who wants to deal with the constant upkeep of wood? A printed wood transom wrap can make your fiberglass boat look just like wood without compromising the original finish.

If you have a boat business, there’s no better and cost-effective way to advertise than to add your branding and promotional graphics right to your “office”. You will grab attention of your target audience – and more attention means more business.

Low Cost & Easy Application

Painting a boat takes weeks and a lot of time out of the water. Custom paint jobs also cost a lot. A boat wrap can be completed in just a few days and have you back out enjoying the seas in no time at a much lower cost.

Functional, Superior Hull Protection

There’s no other option to protect your hull and original gel coat like a boat wrap. Our premium quality vinyl can last up to three to five years.

Minimizes Environmental Impact

The process of applying vinyl to your watercraft doesn’t involve harsh chemicals or solvents like other finishes. Even when you need to buff your wrap, all that is needed is a bit of warm water and soap, no environmentally damaging substances needed.


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