Vinyl Transom Wraps

February 1, 2021 BSDAMaine

Custom Vinyl Transom Wraps vs. Real Wood Transom – Which One is Right for You?

If you’d like to upgrade the look of the transom on your boat – a custom transom wrap may be the perfect answer. We can deliver the same look as a wood transom. There are many options available to personalize your boat and its name from classic looks to more contemporary styles. Transom wraps require almost no maintenance, making them a great investment at a fraction of the cost.

What is a Boat Transom Wrap?

A boat transom wrap is a custom vinyl wrap applied to the transom of your boat with pressure sensitive adhesive. They are printed on high-grade vinyl to stand up to the harsh marine environment, and applied with pressure sensitive adhesive that is also designed for exposure to the elements.

Comparing a Transom Wrap to Real Wood

The only comparison we would make here is that even up close, it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between a custom boat transom wrap and a wood transom. With the materials we have today, we can get our vinyl “wood” graphics to look almost identical to real wood. They also run around a quarter of the price.

Materials, design, and installation times all cost less with a vinyl transom than a wood one. You will also have a lot more design options, flexibility, and looks to choose from when you have a custom vinyl transom created.

Vinyl transom wraps offer a variety of designs and options to choose from.

Another significant benefit to a vinyl boat transom wrap is that the vinyl actually protects the hull of your boat. Vinyl wraps are easily removable so you can change your design or remove it down the road and your transom will look like new.

With a wood transom of course you benefit from having real wood. However, real wood transoms are extremely expensive for both the wood and the installation. You also must care for and maintain real wood constantly which is very time consuming. A real wood transom is a permanent decision.

There are many unique benefits of vinyl transom wraps.

The results speak for themselves. Wraps are a great way to give new life to your boat without having to completely refinish the original surface. If you’d rather be out on the water than working on your boat maintenance, a vinyl transom is a great choice.


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