Vinyl Boat Wraps

February 1, 2021 BSDAMaine

Vinyl boat wraps look just as good, if not better, than paint jobs. They also offer more options to personalize your boat to your tastes and style. Virtually maintenance free, these customizable, durable “giant stickers” let you really make a splash.

What is a Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wraps are essentially large sheets of vinyl film that can be printed on to achieve just about any color, graphic design, or statement you wish to make. Once printed, they are cut and fitted to your boat, then applied in place with an adhesive backing. If you have seen vehicles pass you by along the highway advertising businesses and other endeavors, you have seen the appeal of vinyl wraps. To accommodate the harsh conditions of marine environments, boat wraps use a higher grade vinyl and stronger adhesive for a long-lasting, low maintenance finish.

You can choose from a variety of colors, including metallics, to customize your craft. This covering also protects your original finish, and is removable should you decide to change your look or sell your boat. The process is far faster and less expensive than custom paint jobs, making vinyl boat wraps very popular in the modern boating scene.

What are the Advantages of Vinyl Boat Wraps?

One of the most popular features of wraps compared to paint is the ease of maintenance. Unlike paint that must be carefully washed and waxed, and sanded down to refinish, wraps are virtually worry free. A simple sponge washing is all your wrap will need to stay looking fresh and shiny.

If you have a boating or marine business to advertise, or want to add a creative flair to your boat, you can’t beat the design possibilities that vinyl wraps offer. Make the most of your exterior with your logo and other branding so you can advertise as you power along.  You can choose your favorite colors, add metallic lettering, or turn your hull into wood planking. And if you change your mind – wraps can easily be removed by a professional leaving your original finish intact.

Beyond the upkeep, boat wraps also outlast painted finishes. With little care, you can expect a quality wrap to last between 4 and 6 years. Since the cost is fractions of a custom paint finish and easily removeable, this upgrade to your boat makes a great investment.

There are many advantages to boat wraps:

  • Protect Original Finish
  • Custom Colors, Graphics and Designs
  • Advertise Logo & Branding for Commercial Vessels
  • Camouflage & Other Sporting Finishes
  • Removeable without Damaging the Original Finish
  • Environmentally Friendly – No Harsh Chemicals
  • Much Lower Cost than Custom Painting

Is a Vinyl Boat Wrap Right for You?

If you would love to see your boat standing out amongst the others along the dock, a vinyl boat wrap offers a massive variety of looks and options to choose from. For hunters and other sporting folks, perhaps you’d prefer to have your craft be less conspicuous. A wrap can achieve that for you. Any lake or marine business is wasting valuable awareness and advertising space if their boats do not carry the business branding out onto the water.

If you have a historic vessel or vintage wooden boat, a vinyl wrap is probably not appropriate. For owners of fiberglass hull boats, they might be the answer you’ve been seeking to customize your cruiser in an economical, convenient finish.




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